Jaguar Super Ways: A Review of the Slot Game

Bad Dingo, a relative newcomer to the industry, swiftly joined forces with Yggdrasil to launch their first slot, Jaguar SuperWays, through the YGS Masters Program. The studio hasn’t dabbled in the market for their debut release. The Sydney-based firm has created a novel system that can generate an incredible amount of winning combinations. Even if the sheer number of possible outcomes suggests otherwise, the potential is rather considerable. If you’re interested, let’s go further into the forest and see what we can discover.

If the user interface is any indication, fellow countrymen ReelPlay also contributed to the design process. Since both studios are located in Sydney, Australia, it just makes sense. It’s likely that the Central American jungle where Jaguar SuperWays is set has similarly bright weather, but the dense tree cover blocks off most of the sunlight. In the comforting shade, you’ll find a grid that defaults to a spin of 5 reels and 3 rows, giving you 243 possibilities to win. A thundering electronic dance music tune seems out of place here, yet ‘bush doofs’ are popular in Australia, so perhaps that was the inspiration.

Jaguar SuperWays is playable on any device, albeit the severe grid expansion may cause some squishing. The potential return value of the game is one area where optimism is more difficult to maintain. The 94.3 percent is the lowest non-jackpot percentage in recent memory. This low price makes it a probable show-stopper, regardless of how amazing the features may be. The volatility is moderate, and the hit frequency, at 41.28% on average, is high compared to other slot machines.

There are a total of 10 tile symbols that pay out: 6 low-pay, 9 to A card royals, and 4 high-pays. Gem, frog, snake, and vulture are among these. Values range from 0.375x to 1.25x the wager for 5 premiums of a kind, and from 3.75x to 12.5x the bet for 6 of a kind, depending on the number of active reels. Jaguars have been incorporated as the game’s wild symbols, standing in for all others except the temple scatters.

Slot Functions, Jaguar SuperWays

Jaguar SuperWays’ most engaging feature is the SuperWays system itself, which introduces novel grid dynamics. In addition, there is a round of free spins that is far less engaging than the primary feature.

The cascade mechanism is essential to the game’s play. When a win occurs, the corresponding sign or symbols are withdrawn and replaced by others. Cascades may only go up to a maximum of 15, or until no more victories are provided, which is a fascinating side detail for gamers who prefer to consume every single stat as much as possible.

SuperWays are activated when little paw icons appear superimposed on standard pay symbols at random. A 3×3 giant paw print tile is added on top of the winning icon if it contains the paw sign. As winning combinations are made, the corresponding symbols are eliminated, and the 3×3 block activates, allowing for the addition of further symbols to fill it. This unused spare room can be used for the continuation of the cascade. When there are no more victories, the grid size returns to its original value.

SuperWays exponentially increases the number of possible winning combinations by increasing the available area for additional symbols to land. The maximum size of a grid is 9 by 9, at which point there are an incredible 387,420,489 possible outcomes.

If three, four, five, six, seven, or eight scatters appear, the bonus game will begin and the player will receive 7, 10, 12, 15, 18, or 20 free spins. The default grid size now is 5 by 4, but otherwise the game is played exactly the same as the original. Free games cannot be retriggered when scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels other than the first in the main game.

The Bottom Line on Jaguar SuperWays Slots

Some rather amazing figures can be generated with Jaguar SuperWays, and positive outcomes are possible in reality. Not having them there highlights the game’s subtle shakiness, as if a gust of wind may knock the entire grid down. Some gamers may become frustrated due to the visual and auditory dissonance. The music is pleasant, but it doesn’t go with the jungle setting; it sounds like it was composed for a 1980s martial arts film. This may not be the Oscars, but attention to detail is still appreciated.

Jaguar SuperWays is Bad Dingo’s first official release, and it’s a fascinating one. Instead of taking it easy, they came up with a novel mechanism that offers a ton of variety and praiseworthy boldness. While the 22,457 times stake potential isn’t nearly as remarkable as the 380 million plus number, it’s still respectable. The likelihood of it happening, however, is unknown, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The SuperWays mechanism is an ingenious addition to the features. It’s a nice change of pace from studios trying to sneakily copy other systems or developers trying to lock off a specific amount of pay ways by trademarking them as if no one else may use them. Jaguar SuperWays can grow to absurd sizes even if you can’t solve the complete 9×9 grid. You may wonder if quite so many methods are necessary when the maximum victory can ‘only’ reach 22,457x, similar to your experience with ELK’s Nitropolis.

Although the potential is high, the annoying RTP setup is a major setback. Nobody knows why Bad Dingo stooped so low, but it’s unfortunate since it taints everything else the game does and might put off people who think they deserve better from accessing Jaguar SuperWays.

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